Migrant Education Program

Migrant Education Program


Our mission is to serve all families. The general purpose of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that migrant children fully benefit from the same free public education and support services provided to other children.


The Migrant Education Program at Cabrillo Unified School District works under the direction and in collaboration with Region One as part of the Title I, Part C Federal Funding provided to support families who are migrant workers. The Migrant Education Program (MEP) as authorized under Title I, Part C, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, and California Education Code (EC) sections 54440-54445. The staff in our Migrant Education Program provide services which include: academic instruction; remedial and compensatory instruction; bilingual and multicultural instruction; vocational instruction; career education services; special guidance; counseling and testing services; health services; and preschool services.

The Cabrillo Unified School District’s Migrant Education Program is very successful in providing many supplemental services to  over 160 students and families. Some of these services provided include:

Migrant school day extension supports in the areas of reading and mathematics

Migrant Education School Readiness (MESRP) is a family literacy program for parents and their preschool children. Families with children from ages three to five are given priority for services. Children ages 2.9 years to 5 years old can participate in our State licensed Preschool, Los Listos. This classroom setting is a learning center that includes a strong early literacy component, dramatic play, circle time and  developmental school readiness instruction.

Parents participate in ongoing leadership, literacy and dual language workshops. 

Parents from Migrant Education Program and Los Listos State Preschool participate in a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to support the programs and ensure families are engaged, empowered, and transformed through their participation in our programs while supporting their children's education and strengthen parent-school collaboration in order to improve the academic success of students.

Continuous Learning Packets

Migrant Summer Services and Support

Educational Field Trips to college and universities


Services for Immigrant Students

Under Title III, Part A, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by Every Students Succeeds Act, the California Department of Education (CDE) is required to set aside funds to provide sub-grant awards to local educational agencies (LEAs) that meet eligibility requirements for participation in the Title III Immigrant Student Education Sub-grant Program. (20 United States Code [U.S.C] § 6824.)

The term "eligible immigrant student" is defined as an individual student who (a) is aged three through twenty-one; (b) was not born in any state (each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico); and (c) has not been attending any one or more schools in the United States for more than three full school years. (20 U.S.C. § 7011[5].)

Title III Immigrant Student Education Program funds are to be specifically targeted to eligible immigrant students and their families through the provision of supplementary programs and services for the underlying purpose of assuring that these students meet the same challenging grade level and graduation standards as mainstream students.

The purpose of the Title III Immigrant Student Education Program sub-grants is to pay for enhanced instructional opportunities to immigrant students and their families. LEAs may choose from activities authorized by Title III.

  • Family literacy, parent and family outreach, and training activities designed to assist parents and families to become active participants in the education of their children;
  • Recruitment of, and support for, personnel, including teachers and paraprofessionals who have been specifically trained, or are being trained, to provide services to immigrant children and youth;
  • Provision of tutorials, mentoring, and academic or career counseling for immigrant children and youth;
  • Identification, development, and acquisition of curricular materials, educational software, and technologies to be used in the program carried out with funds;
  • Basic instructional services that are directly attributable to the presence of immigrant children and youth in the LEA involved, including the payment of costs are directly attributable to such additional basic instruction services;
  • Other instructional services that are designed to assist immigrant children and youth to achieve in elementary schools and secondary schools in the United States, such as programs of introduction to the educational system and civics education;
  • Activities, coordinated with community-based organizations, institutions of higher education, and families of immigrant children and youth by offering comprehensive community services;
  • Recommended direct administration expenses for a fiscal year may not exceed two percent of such funds for the cost of administering this subpart;
  • LEAs are authorized to assess approved indirect cost rates to the portion of the sub-grant that is not reserved for direct administrative costs; and
  • Other activities that are consistent with the purpose of the program.

Do your children qualify? Call us or come in and our staff will help you. 



The Migrant Education Program's office is located at 498 Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay behind the main building. In the Parent Involvement Center/Migrant Office.

Staff Support Directory

Our Migrant and Los Listos State Preschool staff members and the services provided are possible through because of the support of multiple funds including:  State Preschool Program, Title I, Title III, LCAP and Common Core Funding and Big Lift Collaborative. For assistance with Migrant Education Program or State Preschool, please contact us.

Rosalva SeguraFamily Engagement, Early Learning and Special Program Coordinator[email protected](650)240-3461  


Cesilia Gutierrez-GaytanMigrant Administrative Assistant[email protected](650)870-1792



Dulce PenalozaFamily Services Specialist[email protected](650)635-2231


 Nora Flores

Family Services Specialist

[email protected]


Jeannette Ramos-Carloni
Family Services Specialist[email protected]

For more information about California's Migrant Education Program, see Region 1 which supports Cabrillo Unified School District:  https://www.sccoe.org/depts/students/migranted/Pages/default.aspx


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