Parcel Tax Measures

In California, school boards can authorize districts to place parcel tax measures on local ballots as a supplement to insufficient funding for programs that are important to their community.  Per state law, a two-thirds majority is required for voter approval of parcel tax measures.

Measure I Parcel Tax Measure

Measure I passed on November 5, 2019 with 75.02% voter approval.  Measure I would extend the existing parcel tax (Measure B) with no tax increase, at $150 per parcel per year, for eight years, so that Cabrillo Unified could retain highly qualified teachers; maintain strong academic programs in reading and writing; preserve strong academic programs in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM); prepare students to excel in high school, college, and careers; and maintain school safety and security. 

Measure B Parcel Tax Measure

On June 3, 2014, voters approved a parcel tax (Measure B) to preserve academic programs in our local schools (70.8% of voters).  Senior, disability, and contiguous parcel tax exemptions are allowed.  Assessed at an annual rate of $150 per parcel, thus generating approximately $1.6 million annually, this measure is due to expire in June 2020.  Revenues and expenditures are subject to annual audits and citizen oversight.  Revenues from this measure are used to continue student achievement in our local elementary, middle and high schools; preserve strong academic programs; keep schools open; and retain qualified teachers and smaller class sizes; they are not used for administrators’ salaries and they stay in our local schools.  Measure B is a continuation of the now-expired Measure E.

Last updated:  January 2, 2020