Bond Measures

In California, school boards can authorize districts to place bond measures on local ballots to generate funds for repair or construction of school facilities.  Per state law, a 55% majority is required for voter approval of bond measures; funds cannot be used for operational expenditures (e.g., teacher salaries); and senior, disability, and contiguous parcel tax exemptions are not allowed.

The community has passed two bond measures -- Measure S, passed in 2012, as well as Measure M, passed in 2018 -- to repair or rebuild our facilities, some of which are over 50 years old.  

While funds remain from Measure S, a first financing series has been approved to prepare for work to be funded by Measure M.  Per the latest Citizens’ Oversight Committee report on Measure S, revenues were fully used to fund facilities projects on the bond project list, as per specific expenditures listed in the latest external audit reportAll reports on revenues and expenditures from bond measures are available on our Financial Reports page.