District Profile

About us

We serve about 3200 students in four elementary, one middle and two high schools in a district covering more than 135 square miles in a rural, small-town setting.  Though we are geographically separated from the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area, many of the parents of our students commute to jobs in San Francisco, San Jose and the surrounding area, and our students benefit from our proximity to a culturally rich and economically-thriving region.

Our demographics

We are a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse district with about 51% Hispanic or Latino students, 40% white students and 9% from other ethnic backgrounds.  About 26% of our students speak another language at home and are learning English, and about 46% of our students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

Our schools

Our four elementary schools are assigned by residence area, but parents have the option of sending their student to any school in the district boundary that meets their needs.  All of our K-5 schools focus on the whole child and provide social-emotional as well as academic learning. Each school has a unique culture and focus, including exploratory learning, environmental science, multi-age classrooms, and two-way Spanish-English immersion.  Students from all four elementary schools come together at Cunha Middle School and Half Moon Bay High School. 10th-12th grade students who need a smaller, alternative high school setting have the option of attending Pilarcitos High School, which meets students’ needs with a customized educational plan.

Our community

We are fortunate to teach students in a close-knit community that works alongside local schools to support and nurture students every step of the way, from pre-school to 12th grade.  Coastside students form deep roots with classmates, teachers, and coaches that allow them to discover and develop their natural gifts and talents in an atmosphere that is safe, supportive and loving.  Our students leave us with a strong sense of belonging and a high level of confidence in their ability to navigate the world.

Our students

More than 80% of our high school graduates have been with us since kindergarten, so we take pride in their achievements and celebrate their victories as proudly as their parents!  In recent years, 95% of our graduates are pursuing some form of post-secondary education and 59% have completed the University of California/California State University A-G requirements, a more rigorous standard than is required by many private colleges and universities.  Each year we send many students to our fine California public universities, including UC-Berkeley and UCLA, and to elite private institutions around the country, including Stanford University.