School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) was developed to be the vehicle by which the school community would come together to chart the school's path to improvement. SSC is responsible for the following:

  • As a state mandated organization, the California Education Code requires the School Site Council to develop, maintain, and update School Improvement Plan — the document presented to and ratified by the School Board outlining the principle educational goals and objectives of Kings Mountain School. We currently carry goals for Math, Language Arts, Science and Technology.
  • Determining the enrichment programs it feels are necessary to our children's education, such as technology, music, art, homework club and foreign language. These are then paid for by KMAP (Kings Mountain Associated Parents) or supported by parents.
  • Continuing exploration and incorporation of multiage curriculum utilizing teacher talents, resource personnel, supportive parents and state of the art technology.
  • Administering periodic parent and staff surveys of the school program in general, including curriculum, technology, enrichment and other areas identified by Site Council members.
  • Addressing other issues raised by parents and teachers such as playground duty coverage, GATE program, STAR testing results, multiage philosophy, school safety, school culture and school spirit.
  • Reviewing school, teacher and district information in the form of monthly Site Director/teacher reports on what is being worked on currently and what is coming up in major subject areas.

Interested in getting involved?

Contact any of the Site Council members

Meeting Dates: First Wednesday of the Month at 2:15 -- Location: The Lion's Den

Site Council is composed of the school principal and/or site-director, teachers, and elected parents of students attending the school. The election of Site Council members is held at Open House Night in the spring.

Site Council Members 2017-18

Diane Siegel Principal
Debbie Silveria Teacher
Maile Springer Teacher
Elizabeth Weatherly Teacher
Lesli Schmutz School Staff
Amber Stariha Parent
Chris Polonchek Parent
Scott Menary Parent
Brenna Perkins Parent
Christa Livingston Parent