Venture Free Children's Center (VFCC)

Kings Mountain Elementary School is fortunate to have an excellent after-school program known as the Venture Free Children's Center, or VFCC for short. VFCC is a self-supporting, nonprofit, child care program.


At VFCCF, our mission is to empower young people of all backgrounds to foster a connection with the natural world and environment that promotes healthy physical and mental development, leadership, and a lifelong appreciation for nature and adventure.

With working parents & commuting families on the go, VFCC provides an invaluable service for local families. VFCC offers outdoor/enrichment activities. The after-school program serves as a natural extension and complement to the school as well as the community. Well-attended and popular, VFCC operates throughout the school year.

Download the VFCC enrollment packet (pdf)

For more information Emily Phelps

or call 650-529-0204


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