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email addresses for staff are – two exceptions are noted

Governing Board
Freya McCamant
Rob Pappalardo
Sophia Layne
Kirk Riemer
Kimberly Hines
District contact: 712-7112

Superintendent's Office
Jane Yuster, Superintendent 712-7112
Patricia Serrano, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent  712-7112

Adult Education
Shari Deghi, Director of Adult Ed 712-7109
Jackie Sullivan, Administrative Assistant III 712-7224

Alternative Education
Rajan Bechar, Principal 712-7122
Jackie Sullivan, Administrative Assistant III 712-7122

Business & Fiscal Services
Crystal Leach, Chief Business Official 712-7135
Maggie Van Horbek, Administrative Assistant V 712-7123
Jennifer Marsh,Fiscal Coordinator 712-7136
Heather Campagna, Payroll Technician 712-7116
Diane Paoli, Accounting Tech II 712-7115
Raina Schally, Accounting Technician II x 712-7128

Community Relations
John Corry, Asst. Superintendent Personnel/Pupil Services
Rosibel Acosta, Administrative Assistant V 712-7109

Curriculum & Instruction
Joy Dardenelle, Asst. Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction 712-7107
Josefina Infanzon, Administrative Assistant V 712-7107

Food and Nutrition Services  
Sandra Jonaidi, Coordinator of Food Services 712-7167
Margie Dougherty, Food Services Account Technician 712-7117

Healthy Kids/Healthy Families
Joy Dardenelle, Asst. Supt. C&I
Emma Moctezuma 712-7178

Human Resources / Personnel
John Corry, Assistant Superintendent712-7109
Mike Cary, Personnel Technician 712-7114
Steve Goldberg, Office Technician 712-7124

Main Desk and Reception
Connie Giebelhausen 6am to noon. 712-7101
Main District Voicemail 712-7100

Maintenance, Operations, Facilities & Transportation
Crystal Leach, Administrator MOT 712-7123
Jorge Machado, Maintenance Supervisor
Ed Watkins, Bond Construction Manager 560-9736
Kathy Bagot, Clerk 712-7103
Maintenance Shop 712-7126

Migrant Program - El Programa Migrante
Joy Dardenelle, Asst. Supt. C&I 712-7106
Rosalva Segura, Migrant Service Specialist 712-7129
Miriam Serrano-Gandara, Administrative Assistant IV-English Language Learners 712-7142

Preschool Program (Los Listos) 726-3652
Los Listos 726-3652
Los Listos Migrant Rosalva Segura, 712-7129

Strategic Planning
Jane Yuster, Superintendent 712-7112

Special Education
Meredith Raymond, Director of Special Education 712-7104
Cristal Hernandez, Administrative Assistant IV 712-7104

Specialized Programs (including programs for English Language Learners)
Opciones del Programa para los Principiantes Ingles Delenguaje

Director of Specialized Programs, Irene Preciado650-712-7118
Miriam Serrano-Gandara, Administrative Assistant IV 712-7142

Student Services
John Corry, Assistant Superintendent - Student Services 712-7109
Rosibel Acosta , Administrative Assistant V 712-7109

Technology Department
Anne Bailey, Director District Technology 712-7127
Jeff Crofton, Network and Computer Admin 712-7138
Stig Lynne, Lead District Computer Technician
Tino Torres, District Computer Technician
Eric Antonio, District Computer Technician

Testing and Assessment
Joy Dardenelle, Asst. Supt. C&I 712-7107
Josefina Infanzon, Administrative Assistant V 712-7107

Title 1
Joy Dardenelle, Asst. Supt. C&I 712-7106
Josefina Infanzon, Administrative Assistant V 712-7107