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Measure S Facilities Bond

General Info

A bond measure to improve education in our schools

Measure S is an $81 million bond to improve the quality of the education in our local schools. It was approved by the voters in June 2012. No funds are used for administrators’ salaries and citizen committees provide accountability and leadership.

The Measure S Bond provides the Cabrillo Unified School District the opportunity to complete basic classroom repairs and equip all schools with updated learning technology and science labs to prepare students for college and careers.


What specific projects will the bond measure complete in our schools? open

The bond measure will make many critical repairs, equip classrooms with technology and will help the district save money through capital improvement projects. Priority projects include:

  • Replacing or repairing leaking roofs
  • Keeping schools clean, well-maintained and in good condition
  • Performing essential safety repairs and maintenance on classrooms and facilities
  • Updating classrooms and science labs
  • Equipping classrooms with 21st-century technology
  • Improving fire and earthquake safety
  • Renovating school restrooms and replacing aging and inefficient heating, cooling and plumbing systems

Are fiscal accountability measures included? open

The bond includes many fiscal accountability measures, including:

  • A Citizen Oversight Committee and annual, third-party audits
  • No funds can be used for administrators’ salaries, benefits or pensions
  • Every penny of these funds would be used to improve schools in the Cabrillo Unified School District—no funds can be taken away by the state
  • The measure will qualify our school district for future state matching funds, which would be otherwise unavailable

How will the bond measure help to improve education in our schools? open

To continue improving education and student achievement, a bond measure will make basic repairs and upgrades to our schools so that students learn in clean, safe and well-maintained classrooms and science labs. The measure will not only complete basic repairs, but will also equip classrooms with 21st-century technology and improve energy efficiency to save money—money that can be used in the classroom to improve academic programs and retain teachers.

How will the bond measure help to prepare students for our competitive, 21st-century economy? open

Many of our classrooms are currently not equipped with computers or other learning technologies. The bond measure will ensure that all schools in the district have up-to-date science labs, computers and learning technology so that students will be prepared for college and high-paying careers in our 21st century, high-tech economy.  It will also establish a fund for ongoing technology upgrades to keep up with ever-improving instructional technology and to ensure teachers have the training and support they need to use it in the classroom.

How will this measure help to relieve the general fund, protect academic programs and help retain teachers? open

At a time when state budget cuts continue to impact our schools, the district is seeking every possible solution to help provide long-term fiscal stability. The measure will help the District pay for urgent repairs and maintenance to keep school facilities safe, leaving more money to help retain teachers and protect academic programs.

By investing in capital improvements like energy efficiency improvements and water conservation, the district will reduce or eliminate many utility bills—saving money that can be used in the classroom.

Is there any other source of revenue that could fund these repairs? open

No. Unfortunately, the school district can’t rely on the state or any other source of revenue for these school upgrades and repairs. The district faces more than a $2 million budget shortfall, and without this measure, our schools will have to continue putting off school repairs.

How much will the bond measure cost property owners ? open

The measure will provide $81 million to repair and upgrade our schools. It will cost property owners no more than $45 per $100,000 of the property’s assessed value. The assessed value of your home is determined by the San Mateo County Assessor’s Office and is usually based on the price you paid for your home at the time of purchase.


Project Updates

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